Political Science Goes STEM

By Chris Higginbotham

Following in the footsteps of other athlete-favorite majors, Political Science joins Economics and Business Economics on South Campus. While the Economics major was reclassified in response to a change in its Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) codes, the Political Science shift comes at the request of UCLA’s Interfraternity Council. IFC demanded that Political Science be admitted into South Campus since “its name literally has ‘science’ in it.”

Brad Chad, president of Sigma Alpha Kappa’s Omicron Chapter, discussed his own reasoning behind the shift and its influence on Greek Life at UCLA as a whole in an interview with the Bruin Review’s staff.

Chad recalled that “after Biz Econ became STEM, we lost 90% of the boys” and shared that he and the rest of the fraternity being political science majors wanted to “share the clout of graduating with a meaningful degree.” Chad recanted this statement after learning that he would have to take more than 12 units a quarter to graduate on time.

Students in the engineering school are up in arms about this decision, claiming that being classified in the same group as someone who’s only marketable talent is being a “last cup specialist” greatly devalues a STEM degree from UCLA.

Rock Etman, a fourth-year Aerospace Engineering major, claims that having political science students in Young Hall is “an absolute outrage that [he’ll] only accept because of the decent-looking girls in front of MS.”

Math major, Tex Asintruments, concurs with Etman, saying that the addition of Polisci to South Campus “made [him] lose an internship at J.P. Morgan to someone from a school where Berkeley goggles are required.”

Subsequently, TFT has also asked to have all majors reclassified as STEM, because “there’s a science to putting on productions,” and there’s “tons of economics into guilting our parents into paying to see our performances.”

In a truly hellish and completely expected scenario, the Biology, Engineering, and Math Departments have all united in a coalition of sorts and have begun petitioning to be reclassified as North Campus majors.

“I guess North Campus is really where it’s at… I mean have you ever seen anyone better than a 6 in the Court of Sciences?” remarked Etman.

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