Hyper-Stacking: Is it worth it?

When college application season hit, I didn’t check my transcripts, or scan over the prompts. Instead, I headed towards a dusty drawer next to my […]

Hypertracking: A Modern Malady

The conversation in competitive, premier universities such as ours is dominated by students looking over their shoulders to see what their peers are doing. Many […]


Sitting behind a desk laden with computers, keyboards, and scattered notes is Sam Kazemian – the President and co-founder of Everipedia, also known as PerzianZuck. […]

The Villainization of Disagreement

In modern society, statements such as “I don’t agree,” and “I see it differently,” are often associated with anger, disrespect, or avarice. People have lost […]

Why the Bruin Review?

Dear Readers, On UCLA’s campus treads a number of the brightest minds this generation has to offer. Sadly, most of these minds ostensibly hold the […]