Everyone Gets Shot

By Krish Ajmani

A quick rap across the knuckles with a ruler. A square slap on the face. A scathing insult exploiting that tiny insecurity you didn’t even know you had. The world has changed a great deal from the good old days of corporal and emotional punishment. Today, children are given free rein by their parents. They run around, screaming and misbehaving. They are rude, loud and uncivilized. The absence of punishments will lead to children growing up to be the ones who refuse to move on the sidewalk, even when there is ample space for two groups to walk in opposite directions.

Today, adults face the same lack of consequences. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the effects of the pandemic.

Slow, ineffective leadership and the plethora of opinions and
“facts” alike have led to a culture defined by its unwillingness to harshly penalize those who disrupt society. People are exercising
free speech—they’re spewing lies about COVID. Bloggers are expressing controversial and disruptive ideas, politicians are acting hypocritically, and on top of all that—my online purchases aren’t coming in because delivery workers won’t pull their weight. How dare they delay my shipment from eBay because of a global pandemic? That’s where I draw the line. I haven’t even gotten my new pair of kicks yet. After that abomination, the second most prominent social disruptors are those who refuse to take the vaccine.

We should bring back harsh penalties to punish those who are hesitant about vaccines, a technology that has been in use for decades and has saved millions of lives. Why should all of the responsible citizens have to protect the masses while we hide, shelter and accept the few that do not? Instead, we should act now. We must bring down the wrath of Biden upon these souls.

Everyone should be forced to take a shot. Those who care for others shall receive an actual vaccine with the deactivated virus. Those who are skeptical will receive a shot of the live virus along with its relatively mild health effects. (After all, it’s basically the flu.) Should this not serve as an adequate deterrent, one last shot remains: a gunshot. We need to look to the likes of Russia and China. Violence solves all divisions, especially those internal divisions rife in any society enamored with freedom. We can protect our freedoms by cleansing the population of the anti-vaccine minority, uniting the people and moving forward to a COVID-free and dissent-free world.

Citizens of the United States need a reminder that there are consequences to their actions. This proposition would merely be an extension of the justice system. We should use the power of the omnipotent police force to carry out these measures. You would be hard-pressed to find a time when the police did not use their power in the most fair and equitable way possible. Therefore, it is these officers who should be granted this chief responsibility.

With new strains popping up from continued hesitancy, the end
of the pandemic seems further and further out of reach. One hope remains, however: that of forced herd immunity. Offer everyone the choice of a safe vaccine or the live virus and witness how quickly we end the pandemic.

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