Young Students Redefine Grassroots Political Movements

Rushabh Nagori

Every important social or political movement starts with one brave person taking the first step. If not for these courageous souls, societal progress would stall and important dialogue would stagnate to a disgraceful level. One such brave soul walks amongst us on the UCLA campus and is redefining grassroots political movements by writing “Fuck Trump” in bathroom stalls on campus.

The student who preferred to remain anonymous for the risk of personal safety in a city where more than 70% of the people voted against Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential elections believes that their actions are an important way to raise awareness about the gross ineptitude of Trump to hold political office. “How will people find out the details about a president who is only criticized by every publication once a day on average unless students like you and me work to bring awareness?”

The student also claims that accusations of vandalism of school property thrown at them are only an attempt to stifle important political discourse, “There is no other safe space on campus where students can discuss divisive socio-political issues without having justify their opinion.” The student did not seem to be aware of the Bruin Review who were interviewing them and are based on a culture of respectful discourse.

“I just want to inspire other people and hope they take action just like I did. Maybe someday this movement will grow and someone will start vandalizing more prominent campus landmarks rather than just bathroom stalls.” The student dreams of a utopic campus where almost everyone is free to use the UCLA campus as a canvas to write down their political alignment.

When asked about a similarly denigrating message scribbled about the 2020 presidential hopeful Andrew Yang, the student was clearly uncomfortable, “With things like this, we are entering the domain of literal hate speech. I don’t know who would be so petty as to write something like that.” All quotes in the story were delivered unironically.

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