DNC Refuses to Hold Primary Debate at UCLA

The sixth democratic presidential primary debate will no longer be hosted on UCLA’s campus. Citing ongoing labor disputes, the Democratic National Committee announced Tuesday that […]

UCLA’s Repeated Emergency Negligence

UCLA might be considered the top public university this year, but that label clearly doesn’t extend to the University’s emergency response protocol.  The Getty Fire […]

Grade Deflation

As UCLA students, the concept of grade deflation is such a common part of our academic lives, we have no choice but to adapt to […]

Why is College Getting so Expensive?

Nearly everyone has noticed that the cost of a college education in America has grown swiftly over the years. The average annual tuition of a […]

A Moment of Silence for the Daily Bruin

As the Editor-in-Chief of the Bruin Review, I wanted to follow in the footsteps of the Daily Bruin (who wisely offered condolences for themselves) by […]